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MEGAWOMAN is a thought-provoking, well-written masterpiece focusing on outstanding women who have raised the bar. It establishes that you can be anything you have ever dreamt of, fulfill God’s plan for your life, and make a positive impact on others no matter the challenges you face as a woman, whether married or single.

The book takes you on an incredible journey towards understanding the vast influence a mega-woman possesses, especially one who is willing and ready to imbibe the 20 distinctive characteristics discussed, while directly tying this understanding to the significant presence of the Holy Spirit.

The author’s willingness to be candid and vulnerable allows for a paradigm shift as she shares in-depth knowledge, rich experience, and deep insights that can improve your life. It is very practical and gives you a set of strategies you can apply immediately to become a mega-woman.

This self-discovery book presents the uniqueness of women shown in efficient ways of handling situations, such as intentionality, poise, exceptionality, strength, and vigor. Now you have the valuable information that simplifies what it means to be a force to be reckoned with, especially in this part of the world.

1 review for MEGAWOMAN

  1. Janice Adedeji

    THE MEGA WOMAN is an encyclopedia of purpose, determination, resilience, and passion that every woman has been designed with. It is not a matter of genes but a divine factory setting.

    The secret to harnessing these heavenly traits is from above. God is the one that has bestowed us with powerful gifts therefore we owe ourselves a duty to make ourselves into the working machine that God has created us to be.

    Adesua Oni dissected the book into different parts for different phases of a woman’s life.

    The book is a powerful statement to all women. It is an eye-opener for the youth, middle age, and old to take her life into her hands and align with the powerful expectations that God has designed for every God-fearing woman.

    NOTE God created you therefore go back to him in prayer to direct you on how to do YOU the right way.

    I am Janice Julcit Adedeji aka The MADE Coach.

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