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Dear Nurse is a rich compendium of letters written from the pure heart of a nurse to fellow nurses and would-be ones. It highlights how practicing nursing can profoundly change one’s life, including transforming a hard-hearted soul into a merry one making the person more empathetic and caring.

The author likewise debunks the prevailing myths people and society at large have about nurses and their profession, showing that daily putting one’s life on the line for the care of patients is not for the faint-hearted.

As a useful guide for students and registered nurses, it admonishes them not to get carried away and neglect other important areas of their lives. It suggests finding the right mentor who can help them successfully navigate difficult periods since busy schedules and exacting demands of work are the major reasons nurses forget who they are. To overcome the challenges, the book recommends that nurses consider a specialty in what they love to do.

Reading this book will give you a fresh and renewed perspective on nursing, and you will begin to see yourself as phenomenal, successful, empathetic, and impactful. It will also help you take the practical actions suggested in tackling the prevailing problems in this profession if you want to be more, dare to change the negative narratives, and have a distinct voice at the forefront of global leadership.

1 review for DEAR NURSE

  1. Nurse Blessing Olorunshola

    Wow…….!!! This is the most amazing E-book I’ve read this year.

    A paste of Joy, blessings, motivation, lecture, and guidance all in one pack. Yes, you can call it the full-cream salad. 😃

    Dear Nurse is a powerful book written by a nurse Coach; Nr. Oni Adesua Joan. This book contains 13 wonderful chapters capable of transforming the mind.

    The initial sessions of the book speak volumes about nursing as a whole, why one chooses to nurse, how the journey began, the challenges therein, and the positive mindset required to scale up in the nursing profession.

    This book also deals with behaviors and attributes to put on as a nurse who intends to enjoy her profession. The book not only talked about nursing alone but also reiterates the opinion of the masses about nurses and how to alter the negative opinions. Self-confidence, leadership, professionalism, and self-empowerment were well dealt with in this edition.

    The author in Chapter 9 further elucidates various career paths available in nursing, and over 300 of them were mentioned. The writer cleared up some common myths and misconceptions about nurses, she made it clear that the general notion that nurses are bad isn’t true, and that it is not the nurse who is bad, but the individual behind the nurse uniform who has a bad attitude as an individual first before becoming a nurse.

    Nursing is a noble profession practiced by noble people and in a noble manner, therefore anyone in whom a bad attitude is found has it in themselves as an individual and not because they’re nurses.

    On a final note, we were left with 10 important points to note in order to be happy and successful professionals; greatness, teamwork, persistence, courage, don’t allow failure to stop you, goal setting, determination, the workplace, personal development, and final remembrance that you’re royalty and should behave as one always!

    The book is highly recommended for all nurses across the globe and aspiring nurses too, especially those already in the field of training and all other individuals who love the nursing profession and would love to know more about it. This piece will transform your mind and get you ready for a bright future and career in nursing. Thank you for reading through…

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