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SUCCESSFUL LOVE-MAKING can be likened to a well-planned curriculum required for lovemaking. It differentiates between lovemaking and sex and states the right parties involved in the art, that is, husband and wife.

The author explains why both the man and the woman have personal responsibilities that can help them look forward to enjoying lovemaking. Marrying a spouse who loves God more than you is not only germane to blissful lovemaking but also key to successful a marriage.

As a practical handbook for single, married, or engaged, this book is not meant to be used carnally, but for couples to have a deep intimacy with each other in marriage through great lovemaking.


  1. Janice Adedeji

    The book SUCCESSFUL LOVEMAKING by Adesua Oni can be likened to a well-planned curriculum of what lovemaking is all about.

    It differentiates between lovemaking and sex. She clearly defines the terms that open up the parties involved (husband and wife) to the art of lovemaking.

    According to the book, the man and the woman have responsibilities that help their partners to look forward to as well as enjoy lovemaking.

    The man must begin lovemaking during the day by being kind and helpful.

    The woman on the other hand should ensure that she intentionally makes contact with her husband as well as dresses, and smells nice among other things.

    In a nutshell, marrying a spouse who loves God more than you is germane to the entire success of lovemaking as well as marriage.

    I will recommend this book to singles, engaged, waiting, as well as married men and women.

    This book is not to be used as a practice manual for carnality but as a guide for married couples to enjoy their marriage.

    I am Janice Julcit Adedeji aka The MADE Coach.

  2. Ugwu Nmesomachukwu Vivian

    Successful Lovemaking by Mrs. Adesua Joan Oni is a very inspiring and insightful one.

    It denotes the essence of lovemaking in every marriage and the duty of each person (husband and wife) to ensure success in the lovemaking process.

    This book entails healthy and safe strategies to enable and ignite lovemaking between couples with less knowledge about it.

    The wife has a role to play by being loving, humble, patient, and kind throughout the day. She also needs to keep a neat and tidy environment and always wear sweet & pleasant scents to be more appealing and attractive to the spouse. And husband also has to be patient as well as understanding and supportive.

    Communication and foreplay is an essential factor in successful lovemaking. And these 2 factors should be intentionally done. Both parties need to understand each other and make out time from their busy schedules for better growth and understanding in marriage.

    Above all, the God factor should not be neglected.
    For any successful marriage and lovemaking to be ensured, He has to be acknowledged, served, and loved by both parties above all things because He is the sovereign of all.

    Thank you, Mrs. (Nrs.) Adesua Joan Oni for the book and may God bless you as you work in His vineyard.
    Thank you all.

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