By Adesua J. oni

Here are 10 things I will love to whisper into your mind and have you take into the future:


You can be anything you want to be as long as you trust God and follow the process. Your job as a nurse is not a limitation but a springboard for success. You can’t imagine how much greatness you can experience because you are a nurse. Saving lives every day shows you are great and you can be more. Smiling at your patients every day shows you are great and you can be more. Teaching and educating your patients is a pointer to the fact that a lot of golden greatness lies in you. Do not give up on yourself.


Don’t let failure at anything stop you. Every one of us failed woefully at some things before we finally gained insight, knowledge, and competence. Remember the first time you gave an injection, the first time you checked someone’s blood sugar, the first time you carried out CPR.¬† I will never forget the first time I took a delivery independently. I was so ecstatic. Failure is a sign that you tried already.¬† Failure is a sign that you can be better.¬†You can only get better every day. Do not give up on yourself.


Persist at being your best always. I know this may be really hard and sometimes, I also fail too. But the golden message is, “do not relent”. Give that new dream a better shot. Write that exam again. Share love again. Be persistent in being a lovely nurse. Be persistent in being an amazing support system. Be persistent in being the patient’s advocate. Be persistent at being the one everyone depends on. Don’t let the pressure get to you.¬†


Every day you wake up and go to work. I know that sometimes, you simply want to sleep in your bed or go on a vacation. But you had to arrive at work and put in your best. That’s courageous. That’s simply so!¬† I know that sometimes you just want to cry out your heart, and throw in the towel but when you remember that so much depends on your presence at the bedside, you brace up again and do what you had to do. I¬†am proud of this courageous you.


I see determination shine through your every step. You want to do everything to save that life. You want to do everything to bring hope to the patient’s relatives. You are determined to stay alive till the shift ends. Again and again and again! It looks like an ending game. This relationship you have built with the system. You pour yourself into what you do and you just want to see successful endings. Do you know determination will definitely get you there?¬† Do you how much the angels want to see you thriving?


Those goals looked impossible but you achieved them. It looked like it would never come to pass, but it did come to pass. When you wrote them down, you laughed at yourself. You probably told yourself that it would not work. But you found a way around it. You burnt the midnight candle and you stayed awake to birth your baby-your dreams. They came alive when you told your body not to give in to tiredness. They came alive when you told your mind to keep working on the success route. They came alive when you told your spirit man that ” yes! all things are possible!


This is your beautiful place. This is where you pour out yourself. This is the place you have to give your best. This is the place that gives you your title as a nurse. For without this, you might just forget you were a nurse. 

Every day, when we show up here, we learn something new. We are never the same. We never see the same set of people. People never forget you because they know exactly where they met you. You might forget because many keep coming, getting admitted, and getting discharged everyday. You may forget but the patient never does.


I see you trying to grow. I know you want to be the best. I know you want to learn so that you can be a better nurse, a balanced nurse. You took those courses because you wanted to know more, learn and unlearn. You are so amazing at finding growth spots and seeking for ways to dig in. That is why you joined the Stepped-up Nurse Academy. That is why you decided to give your best to see others grow.


You put in your best to work peacefully with everyone. You bring laughter and relaxation to every setting. Everyone is excited to have you around and work with you. It’s so amazing that you are that team player that must always show up. Every other health professional looks to you for balance. You are that awesome middleman. You are that powerful. Never forget this. For when no one needs you around is when you will lose your special place.¬†


Yes, you are Royalty. You lift your head high and no one can stop you. You see your job as a calling and one for which God will hold you accountable. Your white color signifies royalty and the white workspaces signify that your dwelling place is also royal. Your royal touch sends kind messages to your patients and some simply recover because you did your job.

You are part of the success story of the sick or dying. Yes, you are royal and have a special place in the heart of your patients.

Dear Nurse, grow into these realities because this is where I want you to be.

I want to grow and want to see you grow too.



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