The Leading Nurse

By Adesua J. Oni

Nursing is a profession of nobility. But many nurses do not act as nobles.

It’s time nurses began to place a high value on themselves and truly begin to see themselves as leaders wherever they are.

Who Is A Leader?

In my own words, a leader is someone who has been able to lead herself/himself and also help others to gain insight, improve on themselves or develop in deficient areas.

The media has both good and bad news spread about nurses but I think it’s best to simply KNOW you are not all those negatives. I also believe that good works speak for themselves. 

It will be a good idea for all nursing schools to begin to teach leadership courses or infuse leadership discussions into extra-curricular activities. This is to help student nurses develop a growth mindset and eventually begin to evolve into nurses that lead!

Leading is not a function of age or cadre, for if you will lead as a Director of Nursing, you would have started exhibiting leadership traits from your first year of employment or even as a student nurse.

Several years ago, as a student midwife, I had the opportunity to lead, being a class representative. I ensured that I used the position to expand the horizon of other midwives in my set. We also together birthed the maiden edition of the Sage Femme magazine.

What Leadership Is Not

Leading is not about bossing people around. 

Leading is not about dishing out instructions to others while you do nothing. 

Leadership is not about trampling on the freedom or rights of others.

Leadership is not about keeping others away from growth opportunities.

Be sure you are busy at the frontline or the backend.

Leadership is more about doing the right thing and encouraging others to do so too.

Five Qualities Of A Leading Nurse.

  1. She actively carries out her role at the bedside or the workplace. 

This is the core of your purpose at the workplace and every nurse must treat this as a top priority. To fully carry out your functions as a nurse may sometimes mean advocating for your patient, explaining procedures and their effects, educating your patients about drug compliance, and giving discharge advice.

  1. She maintains a good relationship with other nurses. 

You cannot truly lead without having a good relationship with others in your profession. Ranchor does not uplift anyone but rather divides. In any house or team, there will always be reasons to disagree. The onus lies in re-uniting thereafter, giving no space for negative emotions to thrive. She reprimands with love and also assists with growth modalities (academically, intellectually, and career-wise)

  1. She maintains a good working relationship with other health professionals.

A good working relationship with members of the health team can make even the worst of other working conditions bearable. Working with a united team helps us give the best to our patients. Even if other health professionals do not want to cooperate with teamwork, go ahead and keep being good. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  1. A leading nurse grows academically, intellectually, socially, and personally. She also encourages other nurses to do so.

Taking online courses can help you grow personally and academically. Attending conferences offline or online can help you socialize. Social media networking also helps her mind expand in amazing ways. You see great things others do, and you are inspired to be better.  She also ensures that she attains the highest academic qualification necessary to give her best to her patient. A nurse who wants to birth innovative ideas and change the narrative in the healthcare system has to go all out to attain certain levels of academic and career progression.

  1. A leading nurse impacts the lives of others beyond the bedside. 

Making use of the tool of social media, there are now so many ways to improve the lives of people who you do not know. A single health post you make as a leading nurse can make a difference in the health-seeking behavior of another. One person at a time, we begin to effect positive influence and change our world.

In conclusion, it will be awesome if every nurse has a mindset to lead. I have a strong drive to help other nurses grow and therefore, I developed a course called “Becoming A Nurse-leader.: View Full Course here

You can also decide to watch this video which is a small part of the course: Becoming A Nurse-leader

If you want to see a change, initiate the change, and do not be afraid to do what is right always!

The SteppedupNurse Academy is an online platform for nurses who place a high premium on personal development. Click here to join us:SteppedupNurse Academy

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  1. You are doing well Adesua. May Allah endow you with more knowledge and wisdom, grants you long life and sound Health to propagate our noble profession.

  2. You are a genius, a gift to our generation
    and a pride to nurses.

    Keep the flag flying

  3. You are a genius a gift to our generation
    and a pride to nurses
    Keep the flag flying

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