The use of water is inevitable. In fact, as humans we can’t do without water, there is a saying I grew up knowing which goes thus “water e no get enemy”. This simply means that water has no enemy. Which is nothing else but the absolute truth.

Or have you seen anyone who can carry out his or her daily activities without using water? I bet there is none.


Water is a substance with the chemical formula H₂O. One molecule of water has two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to a single oxygen atom.

The importance of hydrogen in our body is endless, let’s just dive into our focus for this topic, hydrogen allows your cells and body to stay hydrated. It also eliminates waste and toxins from your body. 

Oxygen on the other hand enhances the body’s absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and other important nutrients. 

Now that we have seen the composition of water and its relation to the body, it is also mandatory that we look at the importance that these compositions have on the body.


🔻Drinking water keeps you hydrated.

🔻Water helps in healthy digestion.

🔻It helps in regulating body temperature.

🔻Water helps in the healthy loss of tummy fat, yeah you heard me right. 

I have tried it and it worked. Read on because I will share with you below how water helped me to reduce belly fat

The Question Now Is:

How long can you keep up with water only? No juice, no carbonated drink, no alcohol, no coffee, no tea, or wine.

A week, a month, 2 months…?

Do well by dropping your responses in the comment section below.

The adverse effects of carbonated drinks, and alcohol shouldn’t be strange information to us anymore. 

Even with the knowledge of the effect some still don’t mind consuming it daily, well-done sir/ma keep beckoning on: 

🔻Weight gain



🔻Excess belly fat

🔻Cardiovascular disease: Medicine suggests that those who consume soda daily are at a higher risk for stroke, heart attack, or death from vascular disease.

Okay! I stated earlier that I was going to share how I lose belly fat with the help of water.

What I simply did was cut off any other drink aside from water, I did this for a year. You can do this for days or months and still achieve your result.

I stopped taking tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, and juice. The only liquid substance I took in then was water only. With little indoor exercise and watching my diet, I was able to reduce tummy fat quickly.

This is because water is 100% calorie-free and it helps to burn more calories.

There is also some other importance of replacing drinks with water which include:

🔻Your brain works better

🔻Water over other drinks helps to boost your metabolic rate 

🔻You eat less, this is because water suppresses the appetite

🔻Your body excretes toxins faster.

🔻Water over all other drinks helps to lower the risk of a heart attack by 41%.

Now that you know the benefits of replacing all drinks with water, how about you try a water-only challenge for the number of days or months you can go?

REMINDER: The process is very simple all you need do is to:

🔻Resist the temptation of consuming other drinks.

🔻Stock your refrigerator with water instead of juice or drinks

🔻Always have a bottle of water around you all the time in your home, school, office, car, etc.

By: Ibironke Taiwo Mary

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